Photos from the Chamonix Trip March 2000

Aqui. du Midi.  Everyone's already passed the ridge in the background.  It's 9K feet straight back down to town.  Chris has done it 3 times already and is now our official guide.  Click to enlarge Second tram/elevator to Midi (see This is the view back to town from the ridge.  We took the valley de blanche back over the glacier instead.
...Brevent resort is behind the cloud on the other side
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Midi ridge w/ guides tying tourist together for $50/head.  We didn't need no stinking guides. Midi looking east, Matterhorn is supposedly visible.  Staging area on right, don't go left. N.East end of Chamonix valley, La Flagere resort is on left side, Grand Montets on right (alias Full Monty or A-Basin on crack)
Mont Blanc in backgroud with the scouts Szwedko (alias Mt. Goat) climbing at end of glacier to muddy hike down. Most opted for tram/train. West end of Chamonix valley
Midi from behind on the glacier Hey! I can read French! They're at the BAR! Halfway down glacier at Salle a Manger ice fall.  Chris saw helicopter hauling someone out of crevice.
Group shot at airport (looks like some of them are still suffering from the effects of jet lag!)