Talons Challenge
January 20, 2007

at Beaver Creek

Thanks Anne & Arlen Warta for taking the pictures.

Here are some photos of four Satellite ski club members who skied the Talons Challenge this Saturday at Beaver Creek. We all skied 13 black and double black runs in one day. It was very hard. Arlen and I started skiing at 9am on Goshawk and finished skiing just after 2pm. We tried to get the longer runs done first, but we got really tired fast. Our first five runs were Goshawk, Screech Owl, Golden Eagle (very icy and treacherous on Saturday), Bald Eagle and Loco. I was about to die and give up at that point so we stopped at the rest station and ate some bananas, peanut butter and Oreos. I reconsidered and continued skiing Peregrine, Falcon Park, Raven Ridge (a groomed run - heaven - at last!), Osprey, and Ruffled Grouse. While skiing down Ruffled Grouse, I vowed never to ski at Beaver Creek again, especially not on Grouse Mountain or Birds of Prey. Arlen said he could hear me moaning on each turn so he knew I was breathing right, i.e. deeply for each turn. We took another break at the rest station and then skied Shooting Star (thank God, another groomer), then Ptarmigan and Lupine (Lupine was unmercifully bumpy and surprising longer than it looks). We found Ann and Bill at the party afterwards. We were all rewarded with free hats - see us modeling them in the attached photos. When a concierge told me my name would now forever be put on the wall of fame at Red Tail Camp for completing the Talons Challenge, I forgot about my earlier vow to never ski at Beaver Creek again. Ann and Bill said they did all the double black diamonds first, then the single black diamond runs. All I want to do now is see our names on the wall of fame!
Thanks, Anne

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