Mount Massive 14,421 feet
15 July 2006

Massive claims the title for being the second tallest mountain in Colorado.

Thanks to trip leader Steve Beck.

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Pictures taken by Kitty and Helga.

Ready? It is cold and early. The hike to the trailhead got our blood flowing. Here comes the sun. Helga Steve The columbines are everywhere.
Are you sure this is the right way? Going up for more.
Randy where is the bridge? Now what do I do? My new dancing shoes are ruined!
drip, spurt, drip, spurt Who remembered to bring the breakfast? Has that espresso kicked in yet?
Miss Marmot Which peak are we supposed to be climbing? Can anyone read this map? Oh no! This is a map for New Zealand. Ahhh nature
lunch view Now I see the trail we were supposed to be on. The pack got split. Chris going up the scree.
We went this way. Randy and Steve working hard. Kitty chooses her route up. Helga's route up. Another lunch view. If you look close enough you can see our footprints in the snow.
Been there, done that. Mt. Massive perhaps? The afternoon clouds are moving in.
We all made it back without major injury. The End

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