FUNday at A-Basin
29 April 2006

Thanks to the officers for another great party with special thanks to Bob and Gail Dake.

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Breakfast for some. Some are waiting for sun. Skiing? We're here for the party. Lunch break. Our stylish Chile trip leader. Sandy is in her element.
So cute Our great chef. Chef #2 and Jill What's in that cup? yummmmy
Time to go skiing again. Here's proof. Which way are we going? Going up for more.
The dots on the ridge are skiers; look closer. Alan Shaun Annette Sandy and Alan
Mike the map Time for snacks and beverage. Sue push harder. Consuming the last cookies and crumbs.
After skiing gathering. Yes it was an enjoyable day. That was a great joke. Quit pushing Smiling Dave. Say what? The sun is going down.
Barb and Randy Sandy, Anne, Barb Dan It's snowing on our party. Cute hat Dan. The End

Pictures taken by Kitty B. and Jeff Goben.

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