Big Sky, Montana 22 - 26 March 2006  

Thanks to our trip leader Tim Winkler. Trip participants: Trish Wilson, Randy Alexander, Marian Bailey, Becky, Mitch Lasky, Roxane Devine, Christie Heine, Sonia Helmreich, Chris Horn, Kitty Bladt, Barb Smith, Anne Warta, Arlen Warta, Paula Pinkley, Mike Mitchell, Karen Johnston and John Flory.

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Cheers we're off! Enjoying our beverage. Trish and Paula Checking in the weary travelers. A glorious first day at Big Sky.

Our only snowboarder, Christie coming down from the tram. Some of the group gathering for stories and beers.
View at the top of the tram. Very windy at the top. Tim's turn to pose at the top.
Lunch break with my new friends. The Crazy Austrians' entertainment. ...with my new skier friend "The Czar". CanCan dancing Those Crazy Austrians! Tim, Christie and Mitch having a room party. Along with Arlen and Anne and Chris.
Listening to the evening entertainment. A comfy fireside chat. I'll toast to that. Mitch and Chris Chris on the Big Sky chute.
Hiking the Big Sky ridge. Lab on the lift at Moonlight Basin. Part of the group at Moonlight. Moonlight Basin chute Barb cleans up the table. Christie racks 'em.
Marian ready to do her stuff at Bridger Bowl. Is 14" of new snow enough Randy and John? Karen found lots of it at Bridger Bowl. Paula that looks too easy. Hope Karen didn't lose a ski! Paula and Karen enjoying the new snow.
Becky thinks she can fly. Tree skiing with Anne and Arlen. Hey we should be on an airplane. Instead we get to tell more jokes. And enjoy some half price drinks. The End

Pictures taken by Christie Heine, Arlen and Anne Warta, and Kitty Bladt. Thank you for your contributions.

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